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eShare Informatics, a pioneering company, has proudly introduced two innovative web-based applications to cater to diverse user needs.

Social Media Application


Lagyan is the ultimate destination for entertainment enthusiasts. As the founder of this vibrant social media website, I’m thrilled to offer users a diverse playground where they can watch captivating videos, share their stories, stay informed with the latest news, engage in thought-provoking Q&A sessions, and so much more. Lagyan is where entertainment knows no bounds, and it’s the perfect platform for those who crave excitement and enjoyment in every scroll. Join us on Lagyan and let the entertainment never stop!

E-commerce Application


Uranus, proudly developed by eShare Informatics, stands as a premier online Indian e-commerce store dedicated to enhancing everyday living. Our platform is designed to cater to the diverse needs of customers, providing a wide range of essential products that simplify and enrich daily life. With a commitment to quality, affordability, and convenience, Uranus is your trusted destination for procuring the essentials that make every day a little bit easier. Explore our comprehensive catalog and experience the convenience of online shopping with Uranus.