eShare Informatics

About Us

Our Vision

eShare Informatics has got the vision of Converting Dreams into Reality. eShare Informatics, founded by IT scholar Chaitanya Chawla, is a dynamic advertising agency that excels in the realms of digital marketing and creative design. With a track record of successful collaborations with over 20 clients worldwide, including numerous Indian businesses, we possess the unique ability to transform ideas into thriving brands. Our seasoned team of experts is adept at turning concepts into reality, offering a comprehensive portfolio that showcases our expertise. As a rapidly growing agency, we warmly welcome all visitors to our website, inviting them to explore the endless possibilities we offer for advertising and development needs. Whether you’re seeking innovative marketing solutions or aspiring to elevate your brand, eShare Informatics is your trusted partner in making your visions a reality, nurturing businesses to flourish.

We are a one stop solution for any type of small or big business firms. The customer-centricity has always been our success mantra and we always remain ourselves open for any type of feedback and ideas from our internal and external customers. We would help in integrating the business processes and would create and develop a seamless system that can help the company to save
their cost and increase or generate their profit margins.

Aiming for Excellence

Our mission is to empower organizations with a profound understanding of technology utilization, enabling them to construct intelligent architectures and robust infrastructure solutions. With the guidance of our experts, businesses gain the confidence to harness the vast potential of the internet and social networking platforms, aligning these tools seamlessly with their brand and clientele. We are committed to facilitating our clients in seamlessly integrating their internal and external processes with unrivaled efficiency and unwavering excellence.

Our Story

Mr. Chaitanya Chawla, the visionary founder of eShare Informatics, is a distinguished IT Scholar who honed his skills through education at Amity University in Noida. Recognizing India’s remarkable growth trajectory and the recent wave of reforms fostering entrepreneurial endeavors, his core mission is to equip aspiring individuals with the finest resources to transform their dreams into reality. His pioneering venture, amalgamating an advertising agency and an IT company under one roof, stands as a testament to his commitment to provide comprehensive solutions to clients. With a global perspective, Mr. Chawla envisions eShare Informatics becoming a renowned name that spans continents, leaving an indelible mark in the world of business and technology.