eShare Informatics

About Us

Our Vision

eShare Informatics has got the vision of Converting Dreams into Reality. The world is encountering an Evolution in the fields of Software development, Web development, Mobile application development, Desktop application development, Web designing, Graphic designing and creating a new era with the advanced stage of Information Technology Enterprise and Solutions. We cater innovative solutions for our clients and develop software and enterprise solutions to create a rigor in their operations. Our software would help the business to get introduced to the world of automation and Robotics.

We are a one stop solution for any type of small or big business firms. Our products and services are developed and imparted by the experts and professionals. The customer-centricity has always been our success mantra and we always remain ourselves open for any type of feedback and ideas from our internal and external customers. We would help in integrating the business processes and would create and develop a seamless system that can help the company to save
their cost and increase or generate their profit margins.

Aiming for Excellence

We have got the professional and experts, who are working together in creating and developing an assistive support solution which would advise the business about the process of grabbing the opportunity. We would make them understand about the utilization of technology and build the business with a smart architecture and infrastructure solutions. Our experts would help the business to gather confidence in the internet and social networking sites and create solutions to make it fit with the brand and their respective clients. We support our clients in linking their internal and external processes effectively with 100 % efficiency and excellence.

Our Story

Mr. Chaitanya Chawla is the founder of eShare Informatics. He is an IT Scholar and has graduated from Amity University in Noida. He realized that education in today’s generation is very expensive. Everyone can’t adopt the best education.

Chaitanya has decided to create a platform that would assist every individual to overcome this opportunity. Thus, He decides to create this platform to connect and spread education amongst the mass. eShare Informatics was founded in 2019 with young and diligent professionals who have gained expertise in different sectors of Information and Technology. eShare Informatics is an IT company which would help every business to retrieve a simple but effective solution in various streams of Information and technology.